International Scientific Committee

Erkki Ikonen (Chair) FI PhD, Metrology Research Institute, Aalto University and Center for Metrology and Accreditation
Ronnier Luo GB PhD, Prof. Zhejiang University (CN), Leeds University (GB), National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TW)
Peter Zwick AT PhD, Technical Manager CIE Central Bureau
Youngshin Kwak KR PhD, School of Design and Human Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology; Director of CIE Division 1
Nana Itoh JP PhD, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST); Associate Director of CIE Division 1
Peter Blattner CH PhD, Federal Institue of Metrology (METAS), Switzerland; Director of CIE Division 2
Joanne Zwinkels CA PhD, National Research Council Canada; Associate Director of CIE Division 2
Jennifer Veitch CA PhD, National Research Council of Canada; Director of CIE Division 3
Veronica Garcia-Hansen AU PhD, Sr Lecturer in Architecture, Queensland University of Technology
Ron Gibbons US PhD, FIES, Director, Center Infrastructure Based Safety Systems, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, US, Director of CIE Division 4
Dionyz Gasparovsky SK Institute of Power and Applied Electrical Engineering (FEEIT)  Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava
Peter Schwarcz HU EMEA Outdoor Systems Manager, General Electric Lighting, Director of CIE Division 5
Steve Fotios GB PhD, Professor of Lighting and Visual Perception, School of Architecture, University of Sheffield, GB
John O’Hagan GB PhD, Public Health England; Visiting Fellow, Loughborough University; Director of CIE Division 6
Shu Takeshita JP PhD, Research Institute of Science & Technology, Tokai University, Japan
Po-Chieh Hung JP PhD, Konica Minolta Laboratory USA / Chiba University Japan ; Director of CIE Division 8
Tony Bergen AU Technical Director of Photometric Solutions International; President of CIE Australia; Australian Divisional Representative of CIE Division 2
Ian Cowling AU PhD, Director of QUT Photometric Laboratory; Secretary of CIE Australia
Steve Jenkins AU PhD, Director of Steve Jenkins & Associates; Australian Divisional Representative of CIE Division 4